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Hot Wax Beads 100g

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Our Hot Wax Beads 100g are designed for hot waxing of bikini, underarm and facial hair. This premium wax contains natural ingredients and is capable of waxing hair as short as 1mm. Enjoy smoother, longer lasting results with less irritation.

How do I apply hot wax?

Step 1 :

Firstly, the area which is going to be waxed, needs to be thoroughly cleansed removing any dirt or oils. 

Step 2 :

Then a pre-cleanse is applied to the skin.  A pre-cleanse is an oil based product which helps to coat and protect the skin.  The pre-cleanse helps with protecting the actual skin during the wax, therefore it becomes less painful as the hot wax is only pulling out the hair and not waxing the skin as it's protected by the oil.

Step 3 :

Apply the wax using a wooden spatula.  Apply in against the direction of the hair growth, making sure all the hair is lifted and covered with wax.  Create a "lip" or thicker edge to help with pulling the wax off.  The wax must be about 0.5mm to 1cm thick to prevent cracking of the wax.

Step 4 :

Check that the wax has set.  It must still be pliable and soft, but also not too hard as this will cause it to crack and break off.  Pull the skin tightly to create a support and prevent bruising of the skin.  Lift the lip and then pull the wax off firmly and quickly.  Apply pressure onto the wax spot with your hand to help with the "sting".

Step 5 :

Apply an aftercare, soothing lotion containing chamomile or aloe vera to reduce any redness.