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Eyelash Extension Advanced Volume Kit

R 2,999.00

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  • 1x 8-13mm 0.07mm C Curl Tray (16 rows)
  • 1x 8-13mm 0.07mm D Curl Tray (16 rows)
  • 1x Straight Tweezer
  • 1x Curved Tweezer
  • 1x Volume Tweezer
  • 1x Eyelash Mirror
  • 1x Octagonal Crystal Stone
  • 1x Small Gold Scissors
  • 2x Lash Tile
  • 1x Cleansing Brush
  • 1x Lash Shampoo
  • 1x 5ml Lash Adhesive
  • 1x Lash Removal Gel
  • Lash Primer
  • Lash Cleanser
  • 1x Lash Setting Liquid
  • 1x Small Acetone
  • 1x Vol.10 Peroxide
  • 1x Half-inch Tape
  • 1x 5pk Mascara Wands, Earbuds, 5pk Microbrushes
  • 1x Disposable Face Mask
  • 10x Lint-free eyepad
  • Lash mapping sticker